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I have been a teacher of fitness and health for thirty years. In 1989 I was certified for personal training with the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine. I had a gym in Santa Barbara for eight years. Co-owned and created a spinning bike company which manufactured bikes for five years. Also I have worked with nutrition companies for twenty years. Along with many wonderful non famous people I have trained many celebrities, and members of the Royal Family. My own athletic past consists of long distance running, long distance cycling, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, rollerblading, hiking, sand running, track work, and weight training. I have authored two fitness columns in local papers, and have been writing this blog since January 2010.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wise Sayings From Wise People

If you have been reading my blog in the past year and a half, you know that I love quotes from wise people.  Some of these people lived many years ago or are still alive today, but what they had to say is still pertinent to what we need to know today.  We can learn a great deal from their teachings, and that is why I have given this blog to them.....enjoy!

When we can learn how to choose our thoughts, we can free ourselves of ones that debilitate and harm us.  Resentment is one of those thoughts.

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience.  Our material gain is temporary, and is ultimately not ours.

Anytime we are desperate for anything, we will most likely push it away.  It is in the letting go of something that allows it to come to us.  Just like the butterfly, we must not chase our happiness, but let it come to us without desperation or fear.

I believe that many of us are more afraid of our greatness, than we are afraid of our weakness's.  We are all special, individual, beings, with our own gifts to offer.  Being the best we can be should always be what we aim for.  When we step into our power and become who we truly are, that is when we find our authentic selves.

Our egos are what get us into most of the heartache that we experience.  Letting go of ego is probably the most difficult thing to do.  The ego wants to be right, wants to win, wants to protect itself, wants to control, wants to judge, and wants to separate from others.  Letting go of ego is where we can find peace.

Finding time for meditation and quiet time is vital for connecting to source.  This is where one can find solutions to problems, guidance, peace, and tranquility.  It is essential for spiritual growth and health of body, mind, and spirit.

There are many days where your best is just making it through that day.  Having the courage to get up and try again tomorrow is powerful.  Some of us are experiencing very trying times right now, and having the strength and courage to keep going is monumental.  Being a warrior is not always about being a super hero, but about having the stamina to keep going and keep trying.

Many of us are so afraid of failure, that we never try.  There is more failure in never trying than there will ever be in failing.  Failure makes you stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.  It is in failing that we can truly succeed.

Happiness is always within, yet many of us keep looking for it outside of ourselves.  We will never find it there.  We can only find it inside ourselves no matter the circumstance or situation that is happening on the outside. 

Our thoughts are powerful and create our life.  Do not think unconsciously if you are interested in creating the life you want.  It is your thoughts that create everything.  Thoughts are energy, and we need to choose them carefully if we want our dreams to come to fruition. 

I hope that you enjoyed these wonderful quotes of wisdom.  We can learn a great deal from those who have come before us, and those who are still with us.  Till next time!

Wishing You Health and Happiness,

Monday, June 20, 2011

How Negative Emotions Affect Our Health

Did you know that negative emotions affect our health in an unhealthy manner?  Emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, envy, rage, and sorrow, are some of the emotions that fall into that “negative” category.  If you are having any of these emotions for long periods of time, you could be doing damage to your health.

It is difficult in today’s world to stay away from being in negative emotion, whether it is listening to what is going on in our economy, our educational system, the political world, health care, or just worrying about our own personal life, negative emotions can take over if we are not conscious of changing them.

Stress is at its highest levels for many of us, and if you haven’t heard, stress “kills”.  Stress comes from having negative situations, accompanied by negative emotions.  It really does not matter what negative emotion you are having, for they all contribute to poor health in our bodies.

Some of the affects can be high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, anxiety attacks, headaches, extreme tiredness, insomnia, heart palpitations, chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath, upset stomach, weight gain, weight loss, just to name a few.  Prolonged affects can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and a weakened immune system.  

Cortisol is a hormone in our bodies that is often called the “stress” hormone.  It is a important hormone that has positive functions in our body, but when we are constantly stressed, this hormone can cause negative affects such as increased belly fat, blood sugar imbalance, suppressed thyroid function, decreased bone density, decreased muscle tissue, higher blood pressure, and a lowered immune system.

How can we stay out of negative emotion when stress levels are high?  There are many things that we can do to control this situation.  First, we need to be aware that we are feeling these emotions, and choose to control our thinking about them.  This is a form of being in mindfulness.  Choosing our thoughts puts us in control.  We have approximately 60,000 thoughts going through our heads each day, and whether we know it or not, we choose each and every on of them.

Being conscious of those thoughts, and choosing to have better feeling ones can help lower our stress levels.  Choosing to exercise daily will also lower stress and negative emotions by releasing sedative like endorphins into the body.  Exercise always helps us to feel better.

Eating a diet primarily of “natures” foods, can help us to feel better.  Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and lean proteins are all foods that will help you to feel better.  Diets full of processed, high sugar, high fat, foods can alter our moods, and make us feel sluggish and lethargic.  This does not help if we are trying to de-stress and feel more positive.

Last but not least, practicing daily meditation can be an enormous help to lowering negative emotions and stress.  You need only to sit quietly, rid your mind of past, present, and future thoughts, and focus on your breathing.  Meditating five minutes a day is a good start, then, add more time as you become more comfortable with the process.  You will feel so much better adding this into your life.

Take control of your health by controlling the stress and negative emotions that control you.

Wishing You Happiness and Health,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling Good....Our Ultimate Goal

Isn't it our ultimate goal to feel good in life?  Whether it is about being successful, finding love, achieving a dream, or creating what ever it might be that fulfills us, the bottom line is, it is about feeling good.  We feel good when we accomplish something.  We feel good when we are successful  We feel good when we are in love.  Feeling good is always the prize we get when good things happen.

Being successful, accomplishing goals, finding love, or achieving a dream, are big ticket items that usually take time and effort to realize.  If we are wanting to feel good right now, in this moment, there are other things that we can do that are instantly felt when it comes to feeling good. 

Exercise is one of those things that we can do to instantly feel good.  When we push our bodies into an aerobic zone, we get the benefit of more oxygen to our cells, the release of sedative like endorphins that calm us and relax us, lower blood pressure, and a general over all sense of feeling "good".  It only takes thirty to sixty minutes to go from feeling tired, stressed, and wore out, to feeling good.  What a great deal that is!

Another thing that we can do to feel good is to eat natures foods, and stay away from processed foods.  Foods are just like drugs, they effect the way we feel and function.  Eating highly processed foods made of white flour, white sugar, high fat ingredients, can make you feel sluggish, moody, bloated, and tired.  Eating natures foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, and lean animal protein, will help you to feel energized and vital.  Natures food helps us to stay healthy, which allows us to feel good.

Choosing our thoughts can also be an important factor in feeling good.  If we are thinking fearful, worrisome, thoughts, we can not possibly feel good.  If we are thinking about a past that bothers us, or a future that scares us, we can not feel good.  However if we become conscious of our thoughts and think of a future that holds promise and a past that is no longer a factor, we can feel better.  

Our thoughts are a big part of how we are feeling.  If we are feeling bad, we need to check into how we are thinking.  If we are thinking about things that make us feel bad, we can change those thoughts to a better feeling thought.  

For instance; if you are going through a relationship breakup, you might be thinking that you may not find anyone else, or you might think that there is something wrong with you and that is why the relationship didn't last.  However you could change those thoughts to; now I have an opportunity to find someone who will make a better partner, and there is nothing wrong with me...we just weren't good together.  These thoughts are better feeling thoughts, and it is always your choice to "think" how you want, so why not choose the thoughts that feel good.

Another way to instantly feel good is to "uplift" someone else.  You can do this by being kind to others.  Whether it is to help someone, or simply in saying "hello" to a stranger, the result will be that you feel good.  The giver is always the biggest receiver when it comes to being kind and uplifting others.  Little things can give you a good feeling when it comes to being kind.  Opening the door for someone, letting someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store, helping an elderly person who needs assistance, or just a smile to brighten someones day.  In the end it all makes "you" feel good, and that is always the goal in life.

Feeling good is all we ever really want, no matter what we are doing.  Unfortunately we do a lot of things that negate feeling good.  If we are not exercising, we will not feel good.  If we eat bad foods on a daily bases, we will not feel good.  If we think negative thoughts, we will not feel good.  If we are selfish and don't extend ourselves to others, we will not feel good.  Feeling good requires us to be conscious of how we are choosing to think, feel, and react.

So if your motivation in life is to feel good, make sure you are following the above guidelines to a better feeling "you".  Feeling good is all up to You!

Wishing You Health and Happiness,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Friendship and Health

Today was a great day.  I had an opportunity to spend the day with a special friend.  She had been feeling kind of down, and felt a trip into Santa Barbara with me might help pick her spirits up.  She was right!  We visited an Asian tea garden, went to the meditation temple, and enjoyed a lovely lunch by the beach.  On our way home we both remarked about how much better we both felt having enjoyed each others company and sharing the day.

Friendship is actually good for your health.  There are studies devoted to this subject that prove just that.  A study from Harvard shows that friendship can promote brain health as we age.  Another study out of Australia showed that older people who had a large circle of friends were 22 percent less likely to die during the study period than those who had fewer friends.

A professor of sociology from University of North Carolina states that "friendship has a bigger impact on psychological well-being than family relationships.  A study of 3,000 nurses with breast cancer found that women with the disease who did not have any close friends were four times more likely to die than women with ten or more friends.  It also did not matter how much these women interacted with their friends, it only mattered that they had them.  Spouses were not associated with survival.

People who have a circle of friends have lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk to develop a cold.  They also feel more loved and valued then those who do not have friends.  People heal better when they have friendships because friendship improves the function of your immune system.  You will live a longer, healthier, and happier life if you have a network of friends. 

Friendship not only improves our physical well-being, but our mental well being too.  We are more likely to experience negative emotions when we are friendless, than when we have those close relationships with others.  Friends improve our health on all levels.

I have always cherished my friends.  I can still remember my first best friend that I had in the second grade.  Her name was Lynn Castle.  She was a twin, and I have never forgotten our friendship.  I lost contact with her after she moved away, but I have never stopped wondering how her life turned out, and where she might be.  That was fifty years ago....that is how strong friendship can be.

If you have friends, you are blessed.  If you have friends, you are happier and healthier.  If you don't have any friends, it is never too late.  Get involved in group activities such as community events, book clubs, work out classes, or any type of gathering that involves something that you are interested in.  You will meet like minds and out of that friendship can grow. 

Sometimes life can feel difficult and lonely.  Those are the times that our friendships come to our rescue.  I know this all too well.  A friend can help to lift you up when you are down.  They will be there in good times and bad.  Sharing life experiences with friends, makes those experiences more valuable.  Friendship simply makes life better!

So I encourage you to nurture and develop your friendships.  Friends are important for our well being.  How lucky we are to have friends!

Wishing You Health and Happiness,