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Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeding the Body....Feeding the Mind

I am always preaching about the importance of feeding the body with mostly natures foods.  Eating healthy means to stay away from processed food, fast food, and foods that are high in white sugar, white flour, and animal fat.  If we stick to fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and lean proteins, for the bulk of our diets, we will be healthier for it.  The main reason to eat is to give the body nutrition.  Eating natures foods helps to accomplish that goal.

What about applying that same concept to our minds.  What are we feeding our minds on a daily bases?  Are we feeding it "junk" such as gossip magazines, bad television, too much news, violent computer games, or negative conversation?  Our mind is affected by what we feed it, just as our body is affected by what food we eat.  If we want to have a life that is joyful, successful, and fulfilling, we need to choose a more "nutritional" diet for our mind.

For instance if you are spending much of your time watching shows on television that focus on humiliating or embarrassing certain individuals, ask yourself why you are entertained by seeing others look bad.  If you are hooked on news, and find yourself feeling bad and fearful from all that you see and read, ask yourself why you keep wanting to feel that way.  If you love to gossip or hear from others about gossip, ask yourself what it is you get from knowing about other peoples personal information.  If you love to watch violent movies, or play violent computer games, ask yourself why violence is something you enjoy.

It is impossible to feel "good" about any of these pass times on a deep level.  I believe that many people feed their minds this kind of stuff to help them to feel better about their own personal lives.  Perhaps they feel inadequate, or bored, or insecure, and watching or listening to these types of negative mind food helps them feel better about themselves.  Whatever the reason, it is "junk" food for our minds, and ultimately not a good diet for the cerebral part of us.

Whatever we keep filling our heads with, will drive us in life.  If you are always thinking negative, you will most likely feel depressed, sad, and sound a bit like Eeyore the donkey.  Always seeing the glass half empty, what could go wrong, instead of what could go right.  It is hard to feel good about anything if negative thinking is how you choose to think.  Choosing to see things in a positive light, choosing positive thoughts instead of negative will virtually change your life.    After all, we choose every thought we have anyway, why not choose the ones that help us to feel better?  I have written many past blogs that talk about "choosing" your thoughts to create a better life.  You can find them in the archives of this blog.

Choosing what you watch on television is also powerful.  Most of the "reality" shows are all about seeing the worst of humanity.  Many of the main characters get into fights with each other showing no manners, values, compassion, or class.  They seem to focus on traits that used to be seen as bad behavior, but now gets you famous.  It does not take any talent or brains to be a complete moron in a reality show.  These type of shows are similar to eating a donut....full of content, but absolutely zero nutrition in them, as well as making you unhealthy. 

If you are a news junky, and I must tell you I used to be, you will have a hard time feeling positive about what is going on in this world.  I have had to stop watching the news in order to feel better.  We have to remember that news is mostly fear based, and full of sensationalism.  Just this past week the 405 freeway in L.A. was closed for the weekend.  It is a freeway that connects much of L.A., and the main route to get to the Airport.    For two weeks prior to the closing we heard how catastrophic it was going to be because of this closer.  News shows termed it "carmageden", and told of the nightmares that would follow when it was closed.  It was a non event with little to no problems.  Just like Y2K in 2000 and the killer bees coming up from South America, all non events by the way, yet the news put fear in us all by reporting  the horrors of what could happen.  Stay away from too much news if you want to feel better.

Do you like to gossip and hear about other peoples problems?  This is not a way to feed your mind.  It is negative and only leads to more negativity by passing it along to others.  What a huge waste of time!  I always find it fascinating when people gossip about celebrities or people they do not even know.  It is just another way to try and feel better about yourself.  If I can talk about someone Else's problems, mine don't look so bad.  I guess that is why we do it.  To somehow feel better if someone else is having bigger troubles.  Bad food for the mind!

Filling our heads with violent movies, stories, or video games, is also a poor diet for the brain.  What possible benefit could we get from watching such violence?  Does it makes us feel good, happy, or content?  I highly doubt it, and if it does, therapy might be a good choice to make.  Violence begets violence.  Simple and to the point.  Our world is so desensitized to violence that watching a person blown to bits in a movie seems normal at this point.  Seeing someone brutally beaten is ordinary.  We hear of children committing heinous crimes today because they have seen violence as a normal way to behave.  If you want to feel good and feed your brain good stuff, violence is not the answer.

Feed your brain things that are positive, nurturing, and productive for your life's course.  Watch and read things that uplift you, or that you learn something from.  Choose to have conversations that are also uplifting and positive.  If you are surrounded by people that choose to be negative, find new friends.  Stay away from gossip and finding entertainment from other peoples troubles.  Feed your mind things that help you to feel better and become a better person. 

Our life will be guided by whatever it is we focus on....make sure you are focusing on a "healthy" and "nutritional" diet for your mind.

Wishing You Health and Happiness,

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