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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are You Practicing Your Uplifting?

Yesterday I revisited mindfulness. Today I want to revisit Uplifting. My current G.P.S. class is not catching onto it as quickly as others have. I get the sense that it is really out of their comfort zone, therefore they are not as willing to try it like my other classes have.

When I say "uplifting", I am referring to saying or doing something to someone else that will uplift them. I also ask my students to choose someone that they would not ordinarily want to uplift. If there is a family member who they are in conflict with or just don't get along with, this is where I ask them to start. This is the person that they need to get out of their comfort zone to be nice to.

This exercise doesn't mean as much if they do it to a person that they are always kind to. That is easy and normal, not much to learn in that case. I want them to get out of their comfort zone, so that they can not only expand it, but they can change the dynamics of the relationship that they have difficulties with.

For instance; if you are always annoyed by your younger sister because she is always into your stuff, or causing problems for you with your parents, this would be a great person to begin to uplift. You must be genuine in your communication to her, this is about being honest and selfless.

You could go up to your sister and tell her that she is a great little sister, and you are glad that she is your sister. You might help her clean her room, or do her homework. Helping her without being told shows that you care. She will most likely respond with similar kindness, and you will have begun to heal this relationship. It is a simple thing to do, but for most of us, uncomfortable.

You might have a troubled relationship with one of your parents. Let them know what it is you are happy about when it comes to them as parents. Do a task around the house without having to be asked. Bring them a cup of tea, or a note that tells them how much you care. Sometimes we have to be the "bigger" person in relationship to teach others how to be.

Tell a perfect stranger "Hello", or ask them, "How is your day?". Help someone out if you see them needing it like, helping someone carry something, or open a door for someone entering a building. There are opportunities all day long to uplift someone. You just have to be aware and focused on something besides yourself to notice it.

If you are reading this blog and you are not a teenager, uplift whoever it is in your life that you have difficulties with. It could be your spouse, ex-spouse, family member, or someone at work. You could change this relationship by getting your ego out of the equation, and begin by uplifting whoever it is that
you are in conflict with.

The whole point of this exercise is to show you how good "You" feel when you are kind and uplifting to others. You can change relationships for the better, help a stranger feel better, and most importantly, help yourself to feel good about who you are.

It is a "win, win" situation when you "Uplift" others. Remember when you "give" to others whether it is in words or actions, you are the biggest beneficiary of the giving. Your immune system will be stronger, your self esteem will thrive, and you will have made the world a better place, just by being kind. What is better than that?

Till Tomorrow,

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