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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water Aerobics for Exercise and Fun

Here comes summer, and that means time in the water. Whether you are in a pool, ocean, lake, or river, hot summer days are always great when you can cool off in a body of water.

There are so many ways to have fun in the water. Swimming is one of the most popular activity's that we do in water. You can burn calories, tone and define muscles, and have fun while swimming. (see blog on swimming) There is another way to exercise in the water, and that is by doing water aerobics.

Any pubic gym that has a swimming pool usually offers water aerobic classes. You can also use your own pool or a lake to exercise in as well. The ocean is probably not as good a choice due to the current and action of the waves. It would be more difficult to stabilize in this kind of water. Best to stick to swimming, body surfing, kayaking, and those sort of things while in the ocean.

Choosing to take a water aerobic class first before venturing on your own in a pool is a good idea. You will get instructions and be taught proper form, and this will help you if you choose to be on your own.

Water aerobics consist of certain rhythmic motions performed in the water. Jogging and running can be done from side to side in the pool. Holding onto the edge of the pool and kicking your legs for a period of time will give a good leg workout. Kick boards can also be used for holding on to while doing laps.

You can purchase certain exercise tools to assist with your water aerobics in the pool, but they are not necessary to get a good work out. You can simply cup your hands when standing in chest high water, arms raised parallel to your shoulders, and move them forward and backwards. This will give your arms a good workout because you will be using the water for resistance.

Using this technique with all arm movements will provide resistance and therefore help to work your muscles to create tone and definition. Holding your arms down by your side with palms facing backwards while pushing the water behind you will strengthen your triceps.

Standing on the pool floor doing knee raises, torso twists, and jumping jacks, will burn calories and work your legs and core. You can burn 400 to 750 calories per hour with water aerobics, depending on your weight and effort.

Water aerobics allows you to get fit, burn fat, and have fun at the same time. Remember to use your sun screen! Sun burn and sun damage is not fun.

So enjoy the warm summer days in a pool with friends doing water aerobics. What a great way to get fit and have fun. Just one more way to enjoy being healthy!

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