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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Making Your Own Good News

We are living in difficult times. Many people are struggling with survival, whether it is about losing their job, their home, or their dignity. The recent earthquake in Haiti brought to light the millions of Haitians who's normal life is full of sorrow, and now have more grief and suffering to bare.

The horror of Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other country's that are in bloody conflict, are the highlights of our evening news. Who was murdered, raped, robbed, and kidnapped, follow the global war in our interest.

The media is packed full of "Bad News" on an hourly bases, day after day. If you are at all conscious of what is happening around us, it is sometimes difficult to feel good.

Even if you or your family are not struggling, you probably know people who are. It's hard to escape the negative that is all around us because that is what we focus on.

I believe there is a lot of positive going on, it is just not news worthy. "Good" news stories are hard to come by. I find it interesting that people are more entertained by bad, negative, news. It fascinates me that good news is boring and bad for ratings.

We are more focused on what is going wrong instead of what is going right. I wish we had one hour of "Good News" stories everyday, it might counter act some of the negative that we are bombarded with.

Its hard to feel good when so much bad is in our face. You can take control of this by creating your own "good" news. There are many ways to accomplish this. Why not take control of where your energy is focused. Stop watching and listening to all the negative stuff. Stay in the positive and have that be your reality.

An easy way to feel better about your life and what's going on in it, is to help someone else who might be having a more difficult time. When you give to another whether it be monetary or in service, it will have a positive effect on you.

The Dalai Lama says, "The actual beneficiary of the practice of compassion and caring for others is oneself." I have found that to be true. Anytime I gave to someone else I felt fantastic. I sometimes feel selfish about giving because it makes me feel so good.

Your parents might be experiencing tough times now, and you may be feeling their angst. Do something nice for them like bringing them a cup of tea, or a chore you wouldn't normally do. Tell them you appreciate them and all the work they do to care for you. You will find a few kind words go a long way in relationships.

Whenever we lift up someone else, we feel better. If you see someone looking down, tell them hello, and give them a big smile. You might be the best thing that happens to that person that day.

Practice meditation by thinking good and loving thoughts. Breathe in the good of life. Think only of loving, compassionate, thoughts, while sitting in the quiet and still of your meditation. You are not only helping yourself to feel better, you are sending good and loving thoughts out into the world. There are Buddhist Monks that spend their whole lives in meditation for the betterment of the world.

Volunteer for community projects. Schools and churches are a good place to ask where volunteers are needed. Take flowers to a convalescent home to brighten up someones room, you don't even have to know them.

Helping and giving to others is one of the best ways in feeling better. Make your own good news stories by giving to and helping someone else. A little less focus on yourself will actually feel good. In this world of "Me, Me, Me" we have forgotten about the gift of giving. It is truly the best of gifts.

Till Tomorrow,

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