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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vanity Run Amuck!

Last weekend I saw a news show that showed a story about Demi Moore taking a picture of herself in a bikini and then sending it out to Twitter-land for her millions of "personal" friends to see. She is forty-seven years old, and is so impressed with her body that she decided to gloat to the millions of strangers that follow her on Twitter.

When the actress Lisa Rinna saw Demi's post, she immediately followed with her picture of herself in a bikini, because she is also forty-seven years old, and thinks she looks pretty awesome too.

Now first of all let me start out by saying that Demi Moore has an incredible body and looks amazing for any age, let alone forty-seven. I agree with her about that, but what I have an issue with is that she and Lisa Rinna need too much attention and validation that they still look good. At forty seven you would hope that they realize how superficial that all is. They are very self absorbed and think the rest of us need to see them practically naked to reassure them that they still look good. Who really cares?

There is too much unnecessary vanity thrust at the public to satisfy celebrity's need of attention. It is unhealthy and does not do anything positive for the rest of us, particularly young women trying to make their way in this world not having the lifestyle that these celebrity's do.

Any of us could look fantastic if all we had to do was spend time taking care of ourselves. If you had access to the best trainers, equipment, chefs, counselors, and a endless supply of money to lesson your stress, it would be easy to look great. Not having the stress of doing housework, worrying about paying bills, or how you can make ends meet, allows one to have a lot of rest in their life. Taking luxury vacations and living in the best of accommodations also lends itself to being able to look fantastic.

I think Demi Moore deserves all of what she has, but why does she feel the need to want more and more from her fans. Good God, has she not had enough attention yet? What is it going to take to satisfy her need?

Unfortunately all this does is promote other women to follow suit and think that putting themselves out there in the Internet world half naked will get them the attention they want. We have become a society of people that want to be famous for the sake of being famous without any talent of reason for it. Just put your body out there for all to see, that's all it takes. It used to be that being famous meant that you had talent or did something extraordinary, now it is about how tacky or classless you can be.

Having a great body will happen if you eat healthy foods, exercise consistently, stretch regularly, and meditate for inner beauty. Focus on doing the things that make you healthy and feel good. Your body will look its best as a by-product of taking care of yourself in a healthy manner. Focusing on just your body looking good is shallow and will leave you empty.

Eventually if you live long enough, your body will age and change, at some point if you cannot except that, you will be very unhappy. Life is about stages. We looked and acted a certain way when we were children, then as teenagers we changed. When you get to be twenty, thirty, forty, and up, your body will change every decade as you go. It is all part of life's process. Taking care of yourself is a way of slowing down the aging process, but you will never stop it unless you die. It is unhealthy to just focus on how you look.

It is hard in our society to not focus on how we look. We are bombarded with the images of beautiful Hollywood people everywhere we go. I hope that you can see yourself as something more than just a body. I hope that you find deeper meanings in life than just how others look, or how you look. Life has so much more to offer you than that. You will be much happier as well if you can get off the "vanity" merry-go-round. Focus on your health, and look your best because of that.

Till Thursday,

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