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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alcohol and its Effects

Drinking alcohol is one thing that is practiced by many people who live on this planet. Americans are no different. We use alcohol to celebrate special occasions, to relax after a tough day, to enjoy with friends, and to party for what ever reason we choose.

Alcohol like most things, should be used in moderation, and when you are old enough to be responsible with it. Unfortunately, many people do not use it moderately or when they are old enough to be responsible with it.

The statistics on teen drinking are alarming. It is said that close to 30% of teens use alcohol on a regular bases. This thirty percent are those teens that admitted to it, perhaps there are many others who did not. 75% of all teens in high school nation wide admit to having had alcohol during their lifetime.

Nearly 29% of teens admit to riding in a car that was driven by another teen who had been drinking. Teens who have admitted to having their first drink before they were thirteen has been on the rise each year; 19.3 % of twelve graders; 20.5% of eleven graders: 26.2% of tenth graders; and 33.9% of ninth graders.

23.3% of high school students who were sexually active admit to having alcohol or drugs before their last sexual interaction. 10% of high school students admit to driving while under the influence of alcohol. 5.8% of high school students have needed treatment for their alcohol problem.

Obviously teen drinking seems to have escalated in recent years to younger ages. It is a problem for many kids, and may evolve to become a life long issue.

I have had personal and up close relationships with people where alcohol has deprived them of the life that they should have had. Its called alcoholism, and it can destroy families, careers, relationships, and lives. I believe it is one of the most harmful substances that an addict can be involved with.

Alcohol is legal, therefore it is not looked down on like illegal substances are, such as heroin, cocaine, crack, or meth. It is easy to get. All you need is an I.D. or a friend that is old enough to purchase it for you. Or as many teens do, they just open their parents alcohol cupboard and help themselves. It is also less expensive than many other substances.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to never start drinking. That is not a likely thing for most of us, given the society that we live in. Many people can have a drink or two and they are fine, but many people abuse it and can't have just one or two drinks.

I think that every drunk person would just be horrified if they saw a video of themselves while they were drunk. That would make many people think about getting drunk again. People become idiots and fools when they drink. Some become mean and belligerent. They say and do things that they never would do if they were sober. Try going out with people that are getting drunk when you are sober. You will be embarrassed for your friends, and glad you were not acting like them.

When you start drinking at a young age you are more likely to have it become a lifetime practice. Drinking abusively will never be a benefit to you. It will rob you of brain cells, destroy your liver, create upset in your home, and wreak havoc in every area of your life. It simply is not a choice to make if you want to live a happy, healthy life.

It is not cool to be drunk. It is not cool to let your life be taken over by drugs or alcohol. It is not cool to drink and drive. If you are someone who has decided to use alcohol on a regular bases, choose again. This choice will only help to destroy your life, I have seen it happen.

They say that kids who have parents who talk to them about the evils of alcohol, and who have regular communication are less likely to drink. If you are someone that does not have those type of parents, find a mentor in someone else. Look for someone you can tell your problems to that you can trust and feel safe with. Some of us are not as lucky in the parent department, and need to find someone else who can step into that role.

If you are drinking abusively and want to stop, find a local agency that deals with alcoholism like Alcoholics Anonymous. They can help you to find the help that you need.

Remember that choosing to drink is not a good choice. It will not benefit you in anyway. Occasional social drinking when you are old enough is a choice you can make that will not destroy you. Moderation is the key to most all things in life, especially when it comes to alcohol. Choose wisely!

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  1. dude i totally agree with you. I'm also seeing it happen and i dont think theres anything i can do coz they dont listen to me anyways.

  2. i agree with you, but what can do we????

    1. Education and support from local programs that deal with alcohol and drug addiction is the best way to arm ourselves and our children to prevent a life time of addiction. There are many programs in every community that can help. Find out through your local health agencies and schools what are the best programs that target this issue, and then support the work that they do. It is never easy to fight an addiction, but the best way is to stop it before it begins.