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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Real Reason Why We Eat Food

Lately I have been observing all of the nutritional and health news that has been in our media. Most of it is about the horrible obesity epidemic that has taken over our country. At 68% of our population overweight or obese, it is truly something to be alarmed about.

What fascinates me is that no one seems to understand that the solution to this enormous problem involves educating the public that they can no longer keep eating the processed food, junk food, high sugar, high fat, non-nutritional foods. They need to reduce their portion size, and they also need to get up off their butts and begin moving more every day. That is the solution to this problem, but our society doesn't seem to think that is a possibility.

As I stated yesterday, the new solution is to medicate all of the obese people so they can survive. I find that to be another move by an insane culture.

Let's talk about the "real" reason we eat food. I know this may come as a shock to many of you, but we eat food so that our bodies can get the "nutrition" it needs to properly function on every level.

Our bodies need vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, probiotics, and water, to help with all of the functions of every organ that keeps us alive. These things are found in "Nature's" foods like, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and lean animal protein. They are not found in fast foods, processed food, and junk foods.

So if you are a person that consumes all of the foods that have no nutrition in them, how can your body function properly? It can't, and that is why people are obese, have diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other high body fat related illness's. Your body is being filled with non nutritious foods that do not help the body to be in proper health.

The amount of food our citizens of this country eat in one sitting is glutenous to say the least. Many people eat in one meal, what should be eaten in three meals. We need to use some common sense when it comes to our nutritional needs. At this time, there is none of that.

Without exercise, your body will slow down its metabolism and burn less calories. Without muscle on your body, you will age quicker, and carry more body fat. This will only exacerbate your bad health from eating poorly.

We are so ignorant to why we should eat. We eat emotionally, we eat for fun, we eat purely for taste, but most of us do not eat for nutrition. This needs to change or our population is going to all be kept alive by medications prolonging our obesity related illness's.

Your taste buds will get used to whatever you decide to eat. If you eat high sodium, high fat, or high sugar foods, that is what you conditioned your tasted buds for. You can change this by changing what you eat. Eventually you will like the healthier foods if you stick with it.

My diet mostly consists of natures foods. If I eat something that is fattening, sugary, or overly processed, I do not like it. I have trained my tasted buds to like the healthier foods. So can you.

So when you choose your foods, ask yourself if it is nutritional. If it isn't, choose again if you are wanting to be healthy and fit. It is the quality of life that you are choosing....it is your life that is at stake. Choose health!

Till Tomorrow,

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