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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Values and Moral Fiber of Our Ancestors

I was thinking this past weekend about the people who founded this country and what they were made of. Many of us have ancestors that were part of this group of pioneers looking for a place to live where freedom and choice were to become a way of life.

These people came to this new land with a spirit to work hard, create a life that was their choice, and to respect the rights of others. There have been many challenges along the way when it came to equal rights, and those challenges still exist, but we have come a long way from where we began.

Generally speaking, most people were ready to work hard, be respectful of others, and create a life that they were proud of and could pass along to their children. They had morals and values that defined Americans from all others on this planet. America was a place that dreams could be realized and success was there for whoever wanted to work hard enough to get it.

Things have changed. Americans are now looked at as fat, lazy, and narcissistic. We are no longer looked at as the most educated population, in fact we have dropped to the bottom of the list when it comes eduction in industrialized countries.

We no longer hold the "Gold" standard for engineers and scientists. We have 68% of our population over weight and obese. We are the most overfed, undernourished population of any industrialized nation.

Americans today are on the whole are always looking to blame someone else for their problems, instead of taking it upon themselves to try to find a solution for them. It's the governments fault, or our parents fault, or whoever might be in our lives we can blame. We have become a society of whiners, and victims.

I see little to no respect anymore when it comes to the interaction of people. Whether it is in business or social, respect has become a thing of the past. Television is a prime example where reality shows are abundant. These shows are mostly about demoralizing someone, or seeing people make fools of themselves. Americans find this to be the best entertainment, that is why there are so many of these types of shows.

Many Americans do not want to work hard to get the life they want, they want it handed to them. They want to be famous and rich, but have no foundation to become either of those. Basically many of us feel entitled and lazy, God forbid we have to work hard to get to where we want to be.

Now I know that there are exceptions to this. I know many people that work hard and have created a good life with respect and humility. But they are just that, the exceptions. Our welfare state is out of control, and the foundation of why this country was founded is severely cracked and weakened.

We need to get back to some basics to survive this spiraling down of values and morals. Remember what you focus on you will create. If your focus is watching shows that have no morals or values, that is where you will be creating from. If you listen to music that degrades or is filled with anger, that is where you will create from. If you hang with people that lack respect and morals, that is what will define you as well.

So choose what is important to you in this life. If being fulfilled, being happy, or being successful, is important to you, you might want to focus on respect, morals, and working hard, to get you those results. These traits will also give you a self worth that is more valuable than fame or any amount of money could give you.

I am saddened about the state of America, but have faith that the pioneering spirit still lives inside of us, and will eventually conquer the lazy, glutenous, entitled population that exists today.

Till Tomorrow,

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