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I have been a teacher of fitness and health for thirty years. In 1989 I was certified for personal training with the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine. I had a gym in Santa Barbara for eight years. Co-owned and created a spinning bike company which manufactured bikes for five years. Also I have worked with nutrition companies for twenty years. Along with many wonderful non famous people I have trained many celebrities, and members of the Royal Family. My own athletic past consists of long distance running, long distance cycling, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, rollerblading, hiking, sand running, track work, and weight training. I have authored two fitness columns in local papers, and have been writing this blog since January 2010.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Healthy To Do List for Today

Do you ever make a "to do" list for your day. It is a great way to get things done and have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of your day. I always love scratching off one of the "to do's" on my list that I have managed to get done. I get more things accomplished when I make a list, than when I don't.

I thought I would make a list of "Healthy To Do's" for you today. You can use this list for everyday if you are interested in staying healthy of Body, Mind, and Spirit. In the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed at completing the entire list, so finish what you can. If you add a task a week, you will begin to make these things part of your lifestyle, and that will get you a healthier life.

Task #1
When you wake in the morning, begin your day with a morning stretch right in your bed. (see blog on morning stretching February 8)

Task #2
Following your morning stretch, do a morning meditation. (see blogs January 11th, March 17th, July 20th)

Task #3
Eat a healthy breakfast to stop your night fast, and get your engines going! (see blog February 17th)

Task #4
Plan your day with a positive outlook. See the possibilities in your day, and avoid any negative thoughts. (See blog February 23rd, January 2nd, April 6th, July 16th)

Task #5
Find thirty to sixty (preferably sixty) minutes for some exercise. Doing cardiovascular exercise six to seven days a week is highly recommended for a lean and healthy body. Find at least three of those days to add in some strength training. (see blog January 3rd, January 8th)

Task #6
Eat a healthy lunch and dinner that is made from natures foods. Stay away from the processed food, white flour, white sugar, high fat foods. (see blog January 4th, January 13th, February 3rd, February 5th)

Task #7
Do a evening meditation and evening stretch.

Task #8
Get a good nights sleep of eight or nine hours. Make sure you are not watching television or on the computer while trying to go to sleep. (see blog January 29th, July 21st)

That is your getting healthy "to do" list. You can make this a lifestyle by practicing these task's on a daily bases. I promise you that you feel happier, healthier, and more in control of how your life unfolds.

Till Tomorrow,

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