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I have been a teacher of fitness and health for thirty years. In 1989 I was certified for personal training with the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine. I had a gym in Santa Barbara for eight years. Co-owned and created a spinning bike company which manufactured bikes for five years. Also I have worked with nutrition companies for twenty years. Along with many wonderful non famous people I have trained many celebrities, and members of the Royal Family. My own athletic past consists of long distance running, long distance cycling, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, rollerblading, hiking, sand running, track work, and weight training. I have authored two fitness columns in local papers, and have been writing this blog since January 2010.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clearing Up the Confusion about Carbohydrates

Many of us think that all carbohydrates are bad for us. They are mostly associated with the "white foods" like bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, cookies, donuts, chips, and any food that has been processed and made with white flour and white sugar.

Those are the type of carbohydrates that you want to limit or stay away from all together. Those are the evil carbs that have given all carbohydrates a bad name.

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy. We need them to live a healthy energetic life. Carbs are our fuel, just like gas is in a car. It is a matter of choosing the right ones that will make the difference in your body being lean and fit.

The best carbs to choose are the ones that come from nature. Here I go again talking about how natures food is always the best choice, but it is!

Examples of natures carbohydrates are fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Anytime these have been processed they will lose their natural properties and will not assimilate the way they were meant to in the body. Nor will they have the nutrients in them that nature had supplied.

There are many studies that show people losing more weight in a low carb diet, than in a low fat diet. But the best way to eat is "NOT" to diet, but to eat healthy all of the time by choosing "Natures" carbs, "LEAN" proteins, eat mostly the "GOOD" fats, and stay away from "WHITE" sugars. Oh yeah, drink lots of water too!

It is very simple, but not easy for most of us to follow a diet consisting of natures food. We live in a processed, fast food world that promotes nutrient deficient foods. It is hard to switch from white flour, white sugar foods when we have made a habit out of eating them. You will feel cravings at first when you stop eating them, but it doesn't take long to get over that.

If you do decide to begin eating a diet that consists of natures carbohydrates as opposed to the processed ones, you will feel better, be healthier, have more energy, and look your best.

It is not hard to choose fresh fruit or vegetables over chips, crackers, or cookies. They all come from the same store....once again it is a choice you will have to make.

Remember there are consequences in choosing the "Bad" carbs. You will tend to gain more fat, have less energy, less nutrient value, and it will all add up to how you look and feel.

If you want to lose weight, feel better, look better, and be healthier choose "Natures" carbohydrates. If you choose to eat the "white" carbs, don't expect great results in your journey to be fit and healthy.

Start today and "Choose" health!

Till Tomorrow,

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