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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keeping a Food Diary

If you are interested in losing some weight, or more importantly losing some fat, keeping a food diary might help you out.

Many of us are in denial about what we are eating all day long. I have seen it over and over with clients who want to lose their fat, but think that eating bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, cream sauces, fattening meats, ice cream, well you get the picture, is O.K. if they eat just a little here and there.

It is not O.K. if you really want to lose the fat. If you don't care that you are fat, then eating like that will work for you.

Bottom line, if you want to lose the fat, stop eating the things that make you fat! Stop being in denial about what you are eating. For most of us, it is what we are eating that makes us fat.

Exercise is important for fat loss, but if you are eating badly, don't look for great results in your goal to be lean.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but lying about what you are eating to yourself, will never get you to your goal of losing your unwanted weight.

If it is fat that you want to lose, do not have white flour, white sugar, or animal fat products in your diet. It doesn't mean that you can never have them, but while you are attempting to lose your fat, DON'T EAT THEM!

Keeping a food diary will help keep you honest. You will be amazed at how many extra calories you will eat in a day without being conscious of it. When you do a food diary you must write down every bit of food and drink that you consume. Even if it is just a bite off some one's plate, or a snack that you might have on the run, write it down.

Write it all down. Do this for a month and you will be able to see where it is you need to cut out those extra unwanted calories. You don't have to show your food diary to anyone, it is for you to see what and when you are eating.

If you find yourself eating emotionally, write down what it is you are feeling. Get to the bottom of your feelings and address what it is that causes you to eat. Fear, boredom, stress, anger, guilt, or what ever the emotion might be, it could help you to confront your food issue.

A food diary can give you an honest accounting of what you are eating, and give you an idea of why you may overeat. It might help you stay away from the bad foods because you do have to write them down. A food diary will keep you accountable to your "healthy food" diet.

Even if you do not want to lose weight, it is a good way to see what you are eating. Are you choosing healthy choices? Your diary won't lie if you keep an honest accounting. Give it a try, it will help you on your journey to being healthy and fit.

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