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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Food Revolution

There is a food revolution taking place around the world, and my belief is that it is just in its infancy. This revolution is way over due, but I guess as the saying goes, "Better late than never!".

There have been authors and film makers in past years that have brought great light to the subject of how our foods are killing us, but now more than ever, we are seeing masses of people getting out there to educate the population on the importance of how our foods are made and what they do to us.

Several years back Morgan Spurlock made a documentary called, "Super Size Me", in which he focused on our fast food, processed food, obsession, and how it is literally killing our people who eat these foods on a daily bases. This is very interesting and a great film to see.

Marion Nestle is an author who is a professor at New York University, but holds too many honors and accolades to mention. She is an expert in the field of nutrition and the study of foods. Her books "Food Politics", "Safe Foods", "What to Eat", and "Pet Food Politics", are outstanding for informing us about what we should be eating, and what we should not be eating. She also has a daily column online with great info to keep you up on all that is going on in the food world.

Michele Simon wrote a book called, "Appetite For Profit" in which she talks about how the food industry undermines our health for profits. I guess when you consider that Kraft Foods is owned by a cigarette company, "Phillip Morris", its not too shocking to understand that our health is not their priority....Great book.

I have mentioned the documentary "Food Inc." in one of my blogs. This is a brilliant film that at some times is difficult to watch due to the inhumane way that our animals are treated. It is difficult, but all of us should watch it so that you can make the right choices when buying your foods. If we all knew the truths, we would surly make different choices when it comes to purchasing foods. It would cause the industry to change its ways when no one would buy their unhealthy, immoral, products. Definitely watch this.

Tonight Jamie Oliver is beginning his T.V. special on how he is trying to change the obesity epidemic in this country, particularly with our children and schools. He has gone to the West Virginia, because it is the fattest, most unhealthy, state in our country to begin his plight. I have seen the premier of this show, and I have to tell you, he is fabulous.

The people in West Virginia die earlier from diseases caused by obesity by fifteen to twenty years. From what I saw, they want to defend their right to eat unhealthy, and are ignorant to how bad their lifestyles are. I am looking forward to seeing how he progresses with his project and hope the outcome is successful. You can see his show, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC at 9 o'clock tonight. It will open your eyes, I promise you that!

So spend your weekend educating yourself on how you can make better choices with foods for optimal health. Take a look at these informative works and you'll be armed with the truth about our foods. Have a great weekend!

Till Monday,

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