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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Consequential Behavior....Something to Think About

Consequential behavior is something we all live with, but many of us don't think about while we are living it. Basically it is an understanding that all of your actions result in a consequence. Not all consequence's are life changing, but many of our actions that we choose do hold major consequences.

If you practice the awareness of your actions, you will most likely deal with less harmful consequences. For instance; choosing to not study for a test, could result in a bad grade. Now if you were thinking about that before the test, you might choose to study so that you can graduate and go to a good college. If you thought about the consequence of failing, it could be more of an incentive to study and get a better grade.
Many times we do not think that far ahead, and have to deal with the consequences after the fact, and then think "I wish I would have studied for the test". Why not think about it before so the outcome will be more of what you want for your future, and future endeavors.

It sounds pretty logical, but many of us do not apply logic when it comes to life's decisions. For instance; having unprotected sex is a common mistake made by millions of people. They are in the throws of passion, lust, or whatever you want to call it, and "choose" to have sex without protection.

There are severe consequences to having unprotected sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are certainly one of those consequences. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, HPV, Genital Warts, Chancroid, Pubic Lice, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, are some of the STD's that you can get having unprotected sex. This is a pretty big consequence to create by not choosing to be proactive in your decision making process.

Of course there is another consequence to having unprotected sex, and that is getting pregnant. This could result in an unwanted pregnancy which is never a good thing. Being irresponsible in this decision effects more than just yourself, it effects an innocent child that may bare the brunt of your choice to not care of the consequence in what you are choosing.

There are consequences to every action you make. Some are more benign than others, such as choosing to not brush your teeth today. That probably won't cause much of an issue, but if you choose to do that consistently, your consequence would be to lose your teeth.

The consequence of eating unhealthy foods will most likely be overweight and obesity issues, obesity related diseases, and many times a lack of self esteem. The consequence of not exercising will lead to much of the same as eating poorly, as well as leave you with less energy, faster aging process, and a poor body image.

Consequences of procrastinating will be stress, anxiety, and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Consequences of cheating and lying can bring much of the same, as well as feeling bad about yourself for being a cheater and a lyre. You may also experience the consequence of others not respecting you for this behavior. You might not be seen by others as a good person when you practice these behaviors.

You can see that the above actions all result in consequences that are not a benefit to you. There are also consequences for good behavior, such as being kind, compassionate, loving, honest, and helpful. These consequences are usually ones that will uplift you and be a beneficial positive experience to you.

Be conscious of your actions and behavior. Know that in every action there will be a consequence. Make sure you are in control of how these play out in your life. Remember you are not a victim, but a person who is totally responsible for every action you take, and every consequence you make. Make them consciously!

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