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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why We Need Probiotics

Why do we need Probiotics? We need probiotics to help our digestive systems to function properly. Probiotics are good bacteria that are called bifidus, lactobacillus, and acidopilus. Without these good bacteria, we do not digest our foods easily.

Probiotics are friendly flora that support normal colon function of digestion, absorption, elimination, and prevention against bacteria, yeast, and parasites. They are what help to keep our system clean and healthy.

Because of our stressful lifestyles, processed foods, fast foods, and toxin that we have in our environment, our good bacteria levels have been compromised, and in many of us become unhealthy.

When your good bacteria levels are low, the bad bacteria takes over. This can create an over growth of yeast which can cause your whole system to get out of whack.

Candida, a condition in the body that is caused by an over abundance of yeast, can make you quite ill. You might experience headaches, lethargy, body aches, skin problems, foggy brain, exhaustion, mood swings, anxiety, cravings for sugar, anger, and itchy skin. HORRIBLE!

Probiotics are also known to reduce allergies to foods. If you are allergic to milk for example, taking probiotics might help with this allergy.

You can find probiotics in some yogurts, cottage cheese, and kefirs. However make sure you read the labels to see if probiotics are actually in them. There are many commercial yogurts that do not have these good bacteria in the product.

I have a favorite probiotic drink that I take every day. It is called "Goodbelly", and I find them at health food stores. I have also taken Bio K from a health food store that is an excellent product, especially after having to take an antibiotic for an infection. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your body and you need to replace it after you finish taking the antibiotic, or you could be susceptible to yeast growth.

There are also probiotics in supplement form. Many of these are found and kept in the refrigerator section of a health food store.

So if you have a sluggish digestive system or any of the Candida symptoms, you may need more probiotics. Keep your whole body running smoothly and clean by being proactive with probiotics!

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