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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Health Benefits of Belief and Faith

Did you know that having a belief or faith in something will help you to be happier and healthier? Its true, as long as that belief or faith is a positive. If you believe that horrible things will happen to you, you probably are not going to be a happy camper, but if you truly believe that good things will happen, then you will be healthier and happier for it.

Having spiritual faith will also help you to be healthier and happier, but it does not necessarily have to be spiritual. Believing in yourself will help you to be happier. When we don't believe in ourselves, self worth or self respect are probably not very high, therefore we will not feel good about ourselves and have a harder time being happy.

When you can believe that good things are happening, even though from this moment in time they appear not to be, you can be happy and healthier just from believing that good is coming. When you believe something, really believe it, it will most likely happen. Now that doesn't mean that you can just "say" you believe it. You really have to believe it deep down inside with no reservation or doubt. I think there is magic there, when belief is solid with no doubt.

Have you ever known someone who has this kind of belief system. No matter what is going on, they believe that something good will happen and it does against all odds? I have experienced this myself many times in my life. I have had a belief and faith that something will happen, and it does, even when it didn't seem logical for it to.

I also have known people that believe that something negative or bad will happen, and it does. I think it is all about what you truly believe, and that is what the outcome will be. Belief is a powerful thing that is probably one of the most important things we have in ourselves to create our lives from. Unfortunately most of us are unconscious of that fact and create from a lack of awareness and unconsciousness.

I know many people that say they believe they are going to win the lottery, but never do. Most people say that, but I bet most people really deep down inside don't believe that they really will win. It would be interesting to ask a lottery winner if they truly believed they would win....I bet they did!

I know people who believe they will get sick, and they do all of the time. I know people like myself who believe we won't get sick, and we rarely ever do.

I read an article about a very wealthy man who said he never thought about money, he just always knew it would be there. He is one of the wealthiest men in the world, yet he never thought about not having money. It was a core belief that he would have it, so he never had to think of it.

We sabotage ourselves by the beliefs we have. If you want more money, but are always in fear of not having it, your belief is you won't have it. If you want a good relationship, but fear that you won't find the right person, your belief is that you won't have that relationship. If you want to be fit and lean, but believe that it won't happen for you, you're belief is it won't.

Having faith and belief will help to get you the life you want. Obviously you must take action in your beliefs as well, but without belief, your outcome will not be easy to attain. If you believe that you will pass a test and you studied for it, you will probably pass it. If you believe that you won't pass a test but studied for it, you probably won't pass it, even though you studied. You're belief will be the outcome.

Begin noticing your core beliefs. Are they in support of what you want out of life? If they aren't, it will be difficult to ever get the results you want. If you want a relationship, but can't seem to find one that works, ask yourself where your belief is. Do you not feel good about yourself, or do you feel low self worth? If your wants do not match up to your beliefs, work on getting your beliefs to match up with what you want.

It is all about what we truly believe that drives our lives. It is not easy to change our core beliefs, but it can be done with awareness and consciousness. Belief is where it all begins and ends!

Till Tomorrow,

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