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I have been a teacher of fitness and health for thirty years. In 1989 I was certified for personal training with the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine. I had a gym in Santa Barbara for eight years. Co-owned and created a spinning bike company which manufactured bikes for five years. Also I have worked with nutrition companies for twenty years. Along with many wonderful non famous people I have trained many celebrities, and members of the Royal Family. My own athletic past consists of long distance running, long distance cycling, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, rollerblading, hiking, sand running, track work, and weight training. I have authored two fitness columns in local papers, and have been writing this blog since January 2010.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Quotes

If you have been following my blog, you know that I love to share quotes from others who have left their mark on this world. There is so much to gain from so little said. I love these quotes, hope you do too.

"Its only when we truly know and understand that we have limited time on earth---and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up---that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning, to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope." Tom Head

"There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened." Mark Twain

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination, and the energy to get started." Norman Cousins

"Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart." Martin Luther King Jr.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy

"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give." Eleanor Roosevelt

"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." Mark Twain

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane. 1966" Martin Luther King Jr.

"There are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

"Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be." Grandma Moses

"Each person should live their life as a model for others." Rosa Parks

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful, thought provoking, truthful, and wise quotes, from a group of amazing people. We can all learn a great deal from them!

Till Tomorrow,

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