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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Miracle of Life

This past Saturday I had the honor of being a part of my friend Hildy's childbirth. She delivered a baby girl at exactly 12:58 on Fiesta weekend. The baby's name is Grace, and I could not think of a more appropriate name than that. It was definitely by the "Grace" of God, that she came into this world.

As I helped Hildy with her labor, which by the way was pretty calm and peaceful given the circumstance of delivery, I was in awe of this tiny little being coming into this world and into a new life's journey of her own.

As she came out of the warm and cozy womb she had lived in for nine months, she began to cry and wave her little arms around in this new open space. I couldn't help but think about how innocent and pure she was at this point. She was a soul that had not yet been influenced by any one's ideas, thoughts, or philosophy's. She was neutral in this new place.

What if she never heard anyone talk about the different color of peoples skin, or the difference in how people choose to believe about faith. What if no one ever told about the prejudice's and fears of how others choose to live. What if she never watched the news and never heard about all of the violence and hate that is so prevalent in our world.

If we could protect our children from these kind of things, the world would be a more peaceful place. These little baby's are blissful and unknowing of all the negative things that begin to distort their minds after they are born. Others begin to infiltrate their little minds with bigotry, fear, and hate, as it was done to them when they grew up.

If only these new little souls could be raised where compassion, kindness, and love, were the only things that filled them up. If only they were never told that "those people are bad because of the color of their skin, or that "they are scary because of the faith that they practice". If only.

The Dalai Lama says that if every child today at the age of five and under were taught to meditate each day, we would have world peace in just a couple of generations. That is a powerful thing. If only we could do that.

I am excited to see little "Gracie" when she gets home today. I am thrilled for Hildy and her new adventure into motherhood. It is an adventure that she has longed for for much of her life. I know she is going to be a wonderful mother.

I look forward to watching this little girl grow up and become her own little person, and if I get the chance to, I hope to teach her how to meditate! What a great thing to be a part of. Helping a little one learn how to connect and be in peace. That is exciting.

Till Tomorrow,

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