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Friday, August 13, 2010

More On Meditation

Today I was with a clients son who is nine years old, working with him on how to meditate. He had never heard of meditation, but was very willing to listen to what it was.

As I began to explain what meditation is, that it helps one to relax, get centered, de-stress, and find a place of peace, he seemed to find it interesting. At one point he got up and said, "You know when I need to get away from life, I go into my bedroom and pull the covers over my head and then I feel better."

I told him that in a way he was sort of doing a type of meditation. He was removing himself from a stressful situation and finding a place that he could feel better. Isn't it interesting that a nine year old feels the need to get away from life, but I can guarantee you that many children younger than that feel the same way, but do not have an understanding of how to feel better when they feel stressed or upset.

When I was young, I would go for a walk into a field of sweet-pea flowers and sit in the middle of them to feel better. Or I would walk to a creek bed near my home to sit and ponder all my troubles. I did not know about meditation, but could have used it so much of my childhood to help me through those moments of feeling confused, lost, and alone.

Remember that the Dalai Lama says that if we taught every child at the age of five and under to meditate each day, we could have world peace in just a couple of generations from now. That is just extraordinary. Our children are our hope for a peaceful world, if only we could teach them how to meditate.

I love working with kids. They get "it" so much more than adults who can be cynical and calloused from life's experiences. Kids just understand that they can go within if you tell them they can. It is a wonderful thing to watch and be a part of.

When I am working with children about meditation, I teach them first to go to a happy place in their mind. Somewhere that they remember being blissful and happy. I have them think of this place, feel it, smell it, and be there in their minds. They can feel the shift in them selves when they are meditating on their happy place, and feel the feelings of what it was like to actually be there.

I tell them that this is a great tool to help them feel better if they are upset, angry, or worried. I also teach them how to meditate with white light pouring down into the top of their head, all the way down to the tips of their toes. This light is warm, healing, and comforting. They can imagine it filling them up with feelings that help them to feel better.

I wish I could work with kids exclusively, for they are so important to our worlds future. They are the worlds future, and our world needs a lot more kindness, love, and compassion. These little souls could be the ones who create a world of non violence, and love, if we would only teach them how to take care of themselves through meditation, proper exercise, healthy nutrition, and respect for others.

I have hope that I can be at the very least a small part of this change in our young ones. I will feel blessed and fortunate to do so. If you have children around you, engage them in a little meditation, you will be helping the world if you do. I hope you can.

Till Monday,

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